2017 August | Facing the Problem

"We can not extract long-term ECG data from holters. We need a light, compact measuring band that measures heart arrhythmia for long period of time, continuously." - doctors said.

2018 May | Concept Presentation

The concept of continuous heart rate monitoring for arrhythmia detection presented to Hiventures, a Hungarian Venture Capital firm. Hiventures provided pre-seed investment to evaluate the concept, incubation phase started.

2019 February | Proof of Concept

At the end of incubation phase proof-of-concept prototype was presented to the investor. Inclubation Plus phase started.

2020 November | Prototype Presentation

At the end of the Incubation Plus phase a fully operational prototype was demonstrated for cardiologists.

Corlink heart rate monitor first prototype

2021 May | Live Heart ECG Monitoring Ready, Seed Funding

Presenting live heart ECG monitoring. Development of heart vital signs meter as a second, less complicated product was launched based on the same technology. Seed funding from Hiventures and an angel investor.

2022 September | Second Round Seed Funding

Investors preferred a spin-off product first: Vital Signs Meter, which is functionally planned for ECG monitor.

2023 September | Third Round Seed Funding

The Vital Signs Meter is ready, FDA approval is in progress, prepared for production.