Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If this is your first encounter with Cormedio’s products, you will surely find answers to your questions here.

CORSYS | Vital Signs Meter

Who should use CORSYS?

Corsys is intended for use by anybody who immediately needs to know all kinds of vital signs parameters with a single finger touch.

Where should CORSYS be used?

It is convenient in both home applications and during any medical examination at home, outpatient examination, or in the hospital.

How To Use CORSYS?

Easy to use, all numbers displayed are understandable by common sense following a brief guide about healthy ranges for each parameter.

CORLINK | Heart Rate Monitor

Who should use CORLINK?

Corlink is intended for use by anybody (from child to elder disabled people) who wants to know about early arrhythmia identification or unknown heart rate irregularity detection. 

Where should use CORLINK

Either at home in a free-living environment or in the hospital long term, continuous ECG monitoring is provided for effective prevention and diagnosis or heart function analysis.

How to use CORLINK?

Follow the detailed guidelines of the device. No interaction is needed for measurement or communication except to charge or change batteries when it is signaled by the device.