Vital Signs Meter


Measuring all vital signs parameters is essential in order to get a quick look at current health status. The key parameters are blood pressure, pulse, SpO2, respiratory rate, temperature, and optional ECG.

However, these parameters either require different devices or you need costly desktop equipment to measure all of them. Cormedio’s solution provides a small handheld device that has a unique feature for fast measurement of all parameters.

A short single finger touch is enough to get your precise blood pressure values and the other parameters.

Corsys Heart Vital Signs Meter


  • 5 vital signs parameters measured: blood pressure, pulse, SpO2, respiratory rate and optional ECG
  • Short single-finger touch measurement
  • Clearly visible colourful display
  • Batteries provide long operating period
  • Easy-to-use operation
  • Handheld, small and light

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